The firm

ERIS LEGAL is exclusively active in commercial law and specializes in litigation and arbitration proceedings. An additional focus is to advise clients, in particular on corporate and contract law issues.

We advise and represent our clients personally and tailor-made. As a dispute resolution boutique, we offer German and international companies and shareholders highly committed advice and representation at an excellent legal level. We combine many years of working experience in major international law firms with the power and flexibility of an efficient and independent team.

We combine legal excellence with a focus on the economic interests of our clients. Our experience has shown that our clients seek solutions that are both legally sound and economically and strategically goal-oriented. In every situation and at every point in time, we strive to find tailor-made, economically optimal solutions for you and implement them together with you.

Our mandates are often international. We have many years of experience in national and cross-border legal issues and constellations. We are therefore often consulted when a specialized unit operating under German law is desired, which nevertheless has an international focus.

We have a personal network of specialists. From our work as lawyers, we know and appreciate individually selected colleagues in various special areas and foreign jurisdictions, which we can suggest to you if necessary. Our many years of personal practice as a team ensure seamless cooperation.

Eris in Greek mythology

Our name ERIS LEGAL is borrowed from Greek mythology. It was the goddess Eris who threw the golden “apple of discord” (the proverbial “bone of contention”) among the guests at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, to which she was not invited. In doing so, she sparked off a dispute which could only be resolved by the so-called judgment of Paris on instructions of the god Zeus. Even today, the central point of a dispute is colloquially known as the “apple of discord”. We understand our task in localizing this central point of a dispute and resolving it mutually or, if necessary, by means of litigation in the interest of our clients.