One of the main focuses of ERIS LEGAL lies in the representation of national and international clients in complex litigations before national civil courts. We represent your interests in a committed, pragmatic manner with in-depth industry expertise and the necessary sensitivity.

We have years of experience in the management of complex legal disputes in many fields of a commercial character. Our forensic work particularly focuses on general commercial and business law, corporate law including M&A-Litigation, and product liability. We also have particular expertise in dealing with disputes in the plant construction sector and in banking and capital markets law.

However, our range of services extends far beyond the usual type of client representation. Our understanding of “dispute resolution” is very comprehensive: we assist our clients in any kind of conflict situation and make use of a variety of dispute resolution techniques in order to resolve conflicts of interest, efficiently and at an early stage. This also includes, inter alia, pre-court dispute mitigation, strategy and communication consultancy as well as effective risk management in the initial stage of conflicts. We also promote alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation.

Furthermore, we support foreign companies and partner law firms in international matters with reference to German law. In this context we deal with questions of cross-border enforcement or service abroad. Furthermore, we provide support in civil proceedings before foreign courts, for example in the taking of evidence in Germany, or in other issues of German law.


Our main focus in arbitration proceedings is on party representation and on acting as arbitrator in national and international arbitration proceedings.

As party representatives, we support our clients as well as domestic and foreign colleagues in all phases of arbitration proceedings, from the initiation of the proceedings to the enforcement of the arbitral award. We are familiar with both institutional and ad-hoc arbitration. Furthermore, we represent our clients in accompanying court proceedings, for example regarding the jurisdiction of the arbitral tribunal and the enforcement or setting aside of domestic and international arbitral awards.

Thanks to our many years of experience in all fields of commercial-related dispute resolution we are also demanded arbitrators. In context with an arbitrator appointment, you can rely on our proven qualification in commercial law, a technical and commercial understanding based on experience as well as a pragmatic view of the matter.

We are also always available to support our client in the drafting of workable, efficient arbitration clauses for their contracts.

Advice on commercial law

Corporate Law and Mergers & Acquisitions

The strategic decisions made at the time of their incorporation often influence companies for years to come. Sometimes it only becomes apparent in the event of a conflict situation whether the articles of association contain practicable and interest-oriented provisions in the decisive points. For this reason, our experience in representing clients in shareholder disputes already flows into the drafting of company law contracts, which is one of our core competencies. After our careful analysis of your economic goals, you can expect a tailor-made solution for your corporate law issues from us, be it in the context of company formations, capital increases, amendments to the articles of association, restructurings or the conclusion of inter-company agreements.

We advise on national and international corporate transactions on the buyer and seller side. We accompany share and asset deals from determination of the purchase price through the due diligence and negotiation of the purchase agreements up to the closing. In addition to the takeover balance sheet, restructurings, amendments to the articles of association and shareholder agreements are also important in this context, and we are particularly concerned with their economically optimal interaction within the scope of the transaction. Finally, our experience gained from advising and representing clients in disputes after the closing of transactions (post closing litigation/arbitration) is already incorporated in the structuring of the transaction in order to minimize the risk of later disagreements.

National and international contract and licensing law

We advise our clients on the drafting, negotiation and implementation of contracts in the area of commercial law, e.g. joint venture, license, supply, franchise, publishing and distribution agreements. Often these contracts have cross-border elements. In addition, we support our clients in the protection and defence of their intellectual property rights, in particular in the areas of copyright and internet law.